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Οι φιναλίστ των Comedy Pet Awards 2023

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Τα Comedy Pet Photography Awards φέρνουν χαρά στις οθόνες όλων για πέμπτη συνεχόμενη χρονιά!


Κάνε scroll down και ανακάλυψε τη λίστα με τους φετινούς 25 φιναλίστ των Comedy Pet Awards 2023. Ανακαλύψτε, παρακάτω, τη λίστα με τους 25 φιναλίστ των Comedy Pet Awards 2023.


‘A Life Changing Event’ By Michel Zoghzoghi

comedy pet

‘Who Are You?’ By Udo Krauss

comedy pet

‘The Big Boss’ By Kenichi Morinaga

‘Victory’ By Kazutoshi Ono

comedy pet

‘When Digging Gets Serious’ By Sophie Boynton

‘Barking’ By Chris Porsz

My Face When My Crush Says Hi’ By Kerstin Leichtenmüller

‘Little Daisy And Her Big Future’ By Darya Zelentsova

Albert Enstein’ By Masayoshi Yamamoto

‘So This Is The Source Of Happiness’ By Corinne Mooser

‘The First Outdoor Walk’ By Darya Zelentsova

‘Pop Up’ By Kazutoshi Ono

Football Free Kick’ By Kenichi Morinaga

‘Edgar’s Dandelion’ By Jonathan Casey

‘A Lovely Couple’ By Lana Polykova

‘Is It A Seal Or A Dog’ By Monyque Macedo Dos Santos

‘The 498th Round Of Hide And Seek’ By Kim Horstmanshof

‘Keep Your Eye On The Ball’ By Gill Woodcock

‘Oscar ‘ By Lana Polykova

‘Bidule As Goal Keeper’ By Felix Larcher

‘Flying Poodle’ By John Young

comedy pet

‘Ball Play Silhouette’ By Christine Johnson

comedy pet

‘The Three Greys’ By Klaus-Peter Selzer

comedy pet

‘Zorro Reborn’ By Karl Goldhamer

comedy pet

‘Kylian’s Sleep’ By Katia Pillonel




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